Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Thanks for sharing

So I'm working the other day. A customer asked me where our halibut came from.

"Alaska," I respond.

"I'm afraid of fish from polluted waters."

"Well, Alaska has the cleanest ocean waters on earth, I'm told." adding "Despite the oil spills."

"They've found dioxin in the sperm of polar bears."

"Well......" (moves to attend to hopefully ringing phone)

What possesses him to share this tidbit of information with me. I suppose someone could know this in the normal course of life, particularly someone who shops at a natural foods store and follows EarthFirst type things. It's just that scenario it conjures up in my mind.

Scientist, in white labcoat, hands test tube to assistant, "Beaker, go get a sperm sample from Gentle Ben out there."

Mercifully, I will let the picture fade to black there.

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