Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where we stand at the end of the Oughts

Or rather, where I stand. I went in to get my blood pressure checked this morning for my application to an immersion program for the Health Eating Initiative.110/54. My blood was drawn for my cholesterol, which was at 163 when I had it checked in May. According to the information I've read, 150 or below is best to avoid cardiac events. In the past, I've had it as low as 112. Anyway, I've read The China Study , Eat to Live and The Engine 2 Diet and we're on board.

So, I'd like to be one of the 300 team members selected. I'd like to be the ambassador for that lifestyle change. I'm not certain about giving up the occasional hamburger (once a month) but maybe I'll more often exchange the weekly fries for a green salad.

I also want to learn to sew with a sewing machine so that I can make some bike bags.

I need a goal for 2010. With no stated goal, I can't accomplish things. So, I'm aiming for 1000 running miles.
2000 cycling miles.

That's it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting close to another year's end.

This is the deal, right now, my deal, at least.

Unfortunately, the Stella met an untimely demise a couple years ago, just after I'd gotten it right. I hit a parking lot wheel stop one night riding home in the dark and bent the frame. She awaits some sort of art project.

I replaced her with a curbside find, a Peugeot UO8
From My Pictures
My Picturesthat someone abandoned on 41st Street. Just the frame was there, along with a Raleigh and a Gitane and a Schwinn Mountain Bike. Anyway, I built up the Peugeot with the parts from the Stella and continued on fixedly.

In February, Laurie and I visited Indianapolis for NAHBS, guaranteed to incite gear lust in any red-blooded bicycler. The only catch is that there is so much great stuff, I could hardly fixate on any one bike. A 20 inch wheeled cargo bike from Hunter Cycles came close but I lacked $1500 to buy it so I bought a wool cycling cap from them.

A few weeks later, my friends at Acme Bicycle Company called me in and told me that it was time I rode an Acme. They had a handmade track frame in my size. I told Christi that I wanted to be able to use a rack like one of those from CETMA. We talked for awhile and I thought about it.

2 weeks later, Christi called me in to see something. There was a built-up track bike with a custom front rack. She had me ride it around the block. I took it up the alley to 17th Street and came downhill on Locust before I realized it had no brakes. No problem.

The plan was the have it painted whatever color the painter was using that day. Fortunately, it was bronze, about the color of a beer bottle. It took awhile for it to get done but it is definitely my bike now. I could not be happier.