Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Latest Reclamation Project

Here we go. I picked this one up last Friday from a County employee in Leavenworth, who met Laurie at a regional meeting, noticed her Nishiki (which I need to put on here) and offered her this one. It's an Azuki rather than a Nishiki but it has the twin lats and lugs and it seems nicely made. It needed a new set of tires, rim tape and tubes.

I cut down the handlebars after a consultation with Mis Chief and I'm lubing the hell out of everything that moves right now. The chain is starting to move. More pictures as we go.


Hjalti said...

Cool. I'd like to come across a mixte for my wife, but right now I'm working on an old MTB for her.

Good to see you blogging after a long break.

Ed said...

Are those THONG mudguards? Neat frame I like the double lats.