Monday, December 01, 2003

Thoughts on Monday Morning

It heartens me to see Chester recovering from his knee surgery and I enjoy the short walks we're taking. Gives me time to think. Wanda Brussell once told me she did all her thinking while she washed dishes and when she moved into a house with a dishwasher, that was lost. So, when I take my dogs out by myself, it gives me a chance for reflection. I seem to do my best thinking then. Chester and I walk over to Harrison, about as far as Matt and Kelly Sue's apartment. He is the lord of the neighborhood.

Laurie mentioned a story about Joey Ramone getting a street named after him in NYC. I must go there someday. Whenever I think about Joey, it encourages me. I saw the Ramones back in 1978 at One Block West. I thought I would lose my hearing that night. They set up, it must have been 10 Marshall stacks and block chorded through 30 sub 3 minute songs. The melody came from feedback and overtones and Joey's sour voice.

On his last recording, Don't Worry About Me , Joey opens with "What a Wonderful World" and he sounds like he truly means it, even though he's dying of lymphoma. I hear the kids that work with me talk about punk-rock this and punk-rock that, meaning you've got to dissipate, have to die young, commit suicide, be nihilistic. And here comes Joey, singing about watching Maria Bartiromo on CNBC and living. And Paul Westerberg sings about getting older and smoking cigars. You CAN grow up and still rock and roll. I've got to go listen now.

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