Friday, August 15, 2003

Keep on keepin' on

Interesting night last night. I was forgotten at the close of business last night and left in the store as it was locked up. Only because Christina was still in the parking lot, talking to Susan through the window of their cars and they saw me jumping up and down and waving was I able to get out the door without setting off the alarms.

Am I too quiet, too reserved? It consistently aggravates me when Laurie tells me something I told her 3 weeks before because she read it in the paper or heard it from someone else. I refer to this as the "Popcorn Guy" syndrome.

You see, my friend Mark Lidman, was meeting his wife at the Royals game one night a few years back. He told her, upon arrival, "I heard on the way over here that Ewing Kauffman (founder of Marion Laboratories and owner of the Royals) died."

His wife didn't believe him so she asked a passing popcorn vendor, "Did Mr K. die?"

"Oh yes, it was on the news."

"So she believes the Popcorn guy and not me," he finishes the story.

That's married life, folks.

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