Thursday, August 14, 2003

Meanwhile, I'm still thinking...

My deepest desire is to live in a place with:

  1. mountains to hike with Laurie and our dogs

  2. An REI store to get stuff to go to the mountains and hike with

    Laurie and our dogs

  3. An Ikea store to get stuff to come home to after I'm done hiking

    in the mountains with Laurie and our dogs

  4. much more remunerative employment

  5. high speed internet access

  6. quality mass transit

  7. Art Houses

  8. Cross country skiing in the winter

This would likely mean Denver. Of course, this would mean giving up

football fandom since I could never be a Broncos fan. It's like when

people convert for marriage. Could one ever sincerely be Catholic after

a lifetime of Judaism? "I don't know. I guess that was all crap before."

So goes it.  I'm working on the Mini-ITX situation. Looks like

each of the 2 free boards I won at Gnomedex are going to cost me about

$300 to build the computers to go with them and that's without

monitors, keyboards, OS or mice. After reading about the mini-itx built

into an Ikea breadbox, I'm choosing this

for my case. I have my friend Glenn, the finest scavenger of the Swap and Shops I know, searching

for an old toaster body for the other one. I mean something from the

1950's or 60's, something from the streamline era. I'll definitely run

some Linux distro on one or both of them. I'm thinking Gentoo just because it sounds

intriguing from the folks at the KCLUG

message board and I could always stand to learn more Linux stuff.

After Gnomedex, I don't think of Microsoft as harshly as I used to do.

I loved seeing the things they're doing with XP and Windows Media.

(probably should insert some links there but what the hey!)

Anyway, it occurs to me that perhaps someone might well be reading this

but I don't know because I haven't got comments set up yet. So, if

you're reading this, email me

and we'll get something going. I need to find more that I can blog

about. I'm always thinking of stuff when I'm running, or walking

Chester or cleaning up at work but not when I'm at the computer.

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