Wednesday, August 20, 2003

One Shining Moment

For a little bit of time tonight, I had the G4 and the old Mac networked and sharing files. I could access the files and programs on the G4 from the old Mac and Laurie could access the files and programs on the old Mac from the G4.

It fell apart when I tried to print a document from the G4 off the old LaserWriter NTR connected to the old Mac (G3 hotrodded from a 9500). No go. When I made it so that happened, so that I could print, the network connection broke down.

But for one brief moment, there was a network and file sharing connection between the 2 machines. It was a beautiful thing.

Tomorrow, the RedHat 7.0 machine gets hooked into the NetGear router. This network shall be my servant and I shall be its master. Worship me!!!!

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