Monday, August 18, 2003

Monday Morning Rock

I'm sore this morning and it's hot. I'm not sure whether it's opening two mornings in a row and throwing hundreds of pounds of ice into the case a couple mornings in a row or it's due to the bike ride last night or just working on the computer at Laurie's desk but the deltoids are killing me. I believe I'll rest today until it's time to work this afternoon.

Had the weirdest damn dream this morning after I woke up at 5AM and finally got back to sleep. Think that I was going to some sort of job interview and was parking my truck. I drove up an entrance ramp into the parking garage and it turned out to be a stairway. Fortunately, the people got out of my way and no one was harmed.

I walked around the building, looking for the office I was supposed to visit but no avail. There was a theater or auditorium of some sort with a restaurant in the back. I looked for someone at the tables and suddenly the servers started dancing wildly.

Then I couldn't find my truck anywhere and I woke up.

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